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Bitcoin Adult

Decentralized cryptocurrency for Adult Entertainment Industry

Did you know around 15-20 percent of the entire internet is based on adult entertainment? Adult industry is absolutely legal but still plagued with restrictions and financial discrimination. Adult performers and consumers need cryptocurrecy payments to protect personal informations and fight against payment restrictions and internet censorship. Bitcoin Adult is blockchain project dedicated to creating decentralized currency as alternative payment method. Trustless medium of exchange for adult content.


Bitcoin Adult Logo

Coin Name: Bitcoin Adult 

Coin Ticker: BTAD

Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Algorithm: Quark

Masternode Collateral: 25000

Bitcoin Adult Mining

Type: Proof of Stake (PoS)

Staking Maturity: 4 hours

Fast Transactions

Block Time: 60 Seconds

Confirmation: 6 blocks

Private Cryptocurrency

Privacy: Zerocoin Protocol

Maximum Supply: 210,000,000

Fast transactions with lowest fees and privacy features

Bitcoin Adult is cryptocurrency focused to become an ultimate payment solution in adult entertainment industry. Dramatically faster, cheaper, and more scalable from Bitcoin in its current form, Bitcoin Adult is designed to provide a scalable and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. Using Proof of Stake algorithm with masternode validators, instead of Proof of Work we solve problems like high network fees, slow transaction times and massive energy consumption. Visible and traceable transactions leaves users vulnerable as anyone has the ability to see all associated transactions and balances. To solve this problem, we implemented zerocoin protocol which enables each transaction to be private for entertainers and consumers anonymity. Adult services have always had problems with payments via credit cards, banks and PayPal payments, with services being denied and accounts closed. That being said, based on restrictions and financial discrimination in this industry, additional problem for adult performers are webcam sites that take up to 50 percent of a performers earnings. Therefore, most consumers and performers in adult entertainment industry are looking for a new payment system that will allows users to send anonymous and instant payments with lowest fees.


Click on the icon to download wallet


Click on the icon to download wallet


Click on the icon to download wallet


Source code is available on GitHub

Launched without ICO funding 

Bitcoin Adult gathers people with enviable experience in Adult Entertainment Industry including experts from cryptocurrency space. Our main vision is to create globaly used cryptocurrency with adult ecosystem where people will be able to earn crypto for watching porn and through affiliate programs, performing live on cams and for uploding personal content on the sites while at the same advertisers will use it to pay ads on the adult websites in the ecosystem. Therefore, everyone older from 18 years is able to trade Bitcoin Adult on exchanges for other cryptocurrency or for conventional fiat money. This project was launched fairly without ICO funding and will be funded from the community donations and personal resources of the people working on the project. 

Bitcoin Adult (BTAD) as investment

Should you invest in cryptocurrencies using your life savings or take out a loan since the returns are so great?! Absolutely not, that would be extremely stupit idea. Volatility of cryptocurrency can basically make you lose all your money if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. If you do not have the prerequisite knowledge on the technology and trading, do your own research about Masternodes, Proof of Stake (PoS) type of algorithm and cryptocurrency in general before investing your money. Arm yourself with knowledge before jumping on the hype-wagon. If you followed crypto market in the last few years you noticed that some coins are losing race with hyperinflation. Investments based on ROI chasing is extremely stupit idea. The ROI can range from a few percentage points to the tens of thousands percentage.

Higher ROI means more money, right?! WRONG!!!

The prospect of huge returns sometimes causes us to abandon logic. Cryptocurrency is a weird space and sometimes the ROI means nothing. Usually those numbers quickly settle under 100% range annual ROI and slowly decrease as more investors buy and set up MNs. These are the types of projects you want to find and this type of project we wanted to create. Sustainable growth of the ecosystem, strong purpose for existing, used on a global scale. Working product and actionable roadmap of the future. An active team who will find a right way to lead the growing strong community. Partnership between community and people working on the project is the first step towards success. Project without community as well as the community without people actively working on the project are sentenced to failure so we all need to work together.

Proof of Stake (PoS) & Masternodes

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

Whether you love that quote or hate it, one way you can make passive income “while you sleep” is through Proof of Stake concept and Masternodes. Proof of Stake (PoS) was created as an alternative to Proof of Work (PoW), which was the original consensus algorithm used to confirm transactions in blockchain technology. In PoS consensus, validators get a block reward instead of miners. The validators use their crypto as a stake in the ecosystem and they get a block reward in proportion to their stake. Below you can find detailed video guide how to host a masternode and Bitcoin Adult rewards structure based on block height.

Bitcoin adult Block rewards structure

Block time: 60 sec, (1440 blocks/day)

Block Height

1 - 199 (PoW)

200 - 5000

5001 - 25000

25001 - 50000

50001 - 75000

75001 - 100000

100001 - 200000

200001 - 500000

500001 - 1000000

1000001 - The End

Block Reward






















Bitcoin Adult Mining Rewards

*Small mining rewards until block 5001 to ensure fair start

Listed on leading websites for masternode investments with detailed stats and free monitoring tools.

Bitcoin Adult Roadmap

New roadmap coming soon.

Support the project by making a donation

Bitcoin address: 3Jnb4Q32aahVCN3B3a6S97EoCMA4oVJg19

Donations to the project can help us grow. Unlike the majority of blockchain projects, this project was launched without ICO or IEO funding with announced launch to ensure fair start. Even with small donation you can help us to achive our goals of providing a reliable, scalable and privacy focused blockchain solution for freedom in Adult Entertainment Industry. Your contributions are highly appreciated. All donated funds will be used towards development and promotion with spending decisions approved by community. Any individual or corporate donor making a contribution to development of the project will have their logo or name displayed bellow as recognition for their contribution. Please contact us after making a donation, otherwise it will be marked as anonymous.

Discord - Community Talk




Bitcoin Adult Partnerships

Cryptocurrency For Adult Entertainment Industry

Cryptocurrency payment gateways enables merchants and users to make transactions using cryptocurrency. It would be impossible to mention all websites and merchants who started accepting crypto payments using CoinPayments. With simple integrations with prebuilt plugins, CoinPayments has become leading crypto payment processor for everyone who started implementing crypto payments. Therefore, most of leading adult sites are also use CoinPayments as their crypto payment processor. That being said, partnership with CoinPayments was one of our most important things for start and after elaborating all details, required deposit has been paid and Bitcoin Adult is integrated in CoinPayments gateway. This integration is opening the door to new possibilities and future partnerships to become recognized crypto payment method in adult entertainment industry.

Already listed on all leading cryptocurrency sites and portfolio tracking applications.

White Label Partnerships

Examples of white label partnerships with more than 10,000 live webcam models can be seen by clicking on the picture below.

Growing Popularity Of Interactive Platforms With Live Sex Cams

Live sex cams are like a real live porn that you can direct. Without doubt, its way more personal and intresting when you can interact with live performers. Therefore, adult cams where models perform live has become more popular from conventional mainstream porn. Important phase of our project is providing borderless and trustless payment solution for webcam performers designed to protect personal informations and fight against payment restrictions or internet censorship in adult entertainment industry. Additionally, unlike some other adult cam sites, our vision is to create interactive platforms where we will except exclusive models also integrate live cams from other webcam sites using white label method which will allow performes to broadcast through our platforms at the same time while they are performing online on other webcam sites in order to increase their earnings.

Webcam Girls

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Free advertising on adult platforms will primarily be reserved for everyone who accept BTAD coins as payment option. Alternatively, others will have to use BTAD coins as only available payment option for advertising. Payments are sent directly to burn address as one of the deflationary measures for reducing coin supply.

video guides

Sync Your Wallet - Manually Add Nodes

When you download and install wallet, you will probably have to add addnodes in the configuration file to start wallet sync. Watch simple video guide to learn how to add addnodes in your wallet configuration file.

If you never installed masternode, you will probably need some help. We prepared simple two line script for masternode installation and detailed video guide that will help you with VPS configuration.



Listings on new exchanges will be based on available funds.

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